Kategorie: Konferenz DVEM Rising - Conference on Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling techniques

DVEM Rising - Conference on Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling techniques

9 bis 17 Uhr
11. Oktober 2019

Welcome to the DVEM RISING one-day innovations in agile data warehousing and data modeling conference! Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling techniques represent the current leading edge standard for agile enterprise data initiatives. During this one day conference hear first hand experiences and insights from leading global experts in the field.

“Business Driven Data for the Agile Enterprise” featuring Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling & introducing Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM) A One Day conference with members of the international Data Vault & Ensemble Modeling Enthusiasts (DVEE) consortium.

The specific final program is to be announced shortly. It will include presentations on various forms of Ensemble modeling, including Data Vault modeling, applied in traditional and in Big Data environments. There will be a session on Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM), the business modeling approach that generates high level logical (Ensemble) models through facilitated, interactive workshops with business representatives. There will also be company case presentations and automation insights.


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