Sprecher: Jan Peter Zwart (HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnheim)

  • Why a fact-oriented approach offers a valuable additional perspective to the familiar attribute-oriented view of data structures
  • How verbalizations of concrete examples of the data to be modeled lead to
    • Incorporating the semantics of the data together with the structure of the data
    • Extending the type level of data model diagrams with examples of the instance level, making the diagrams a lot easier to interpret
    • An easy-to-learn procedure that tells students how to draw up a data model.

The above points have been incorporated more or less completely in existing FOM techniques (FCO-IM, ORM, NIAM, …) but can be applied to Entity-Relationship Modeling as well, which brings this widely used technique also within the family of FOM methods. A full illustration of how to build an ERM-model this way is included in the presentation.

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